Pocketful of grumbles, such are blog posts

I don’t have any particular topic to post about, so I‘m just going to whine about my personal shortcomings for a few paragraphs. Enjoy!

First shortcoming: I’ve been trying to stick to a new writing schedule where I get up extra early and write in the mornings, but I haven’t been too successful yet. (I’m going to try it for a few more weeks before I downgrade “not too successful” to “miserable failure.”) It’s so hard! Bed v. computer is a comically lopsided battle. My computer is like, “I have a polka dot case! And an adorable background image!” and I think, “Sounds good. Computer it is.” But then my bed is like, “Awww, computer. You’re so cute. But are we really even pretending this is a competition? Seriously.” The bed is impossible to beat. It’s like that episode of 60 Minutes and the bed is Michael Phelps and the computer is Anderson Cooper. No, it’s like the bed is Michael Phelps and the computer is me at swim lessons at the Y in 1982.

Second shortcoming: I went to what I thought was a cardio kickboxing class on Thursday, but it turns out it was like an actual kickboxing class where instead of kicking and punching the air, you kick and punch a piece of foam that a real person is holding. I was partnered with a girl who goes to the class all the time and even had her own boxing gloves. She was nice, but man was she powerful. I found the whole experience terrifying and not empowering in the least. So now I know I’m not missing my calling as a boxer.

I DO like Zumba, and it was right after the scary boxing class, so I stuck around for some more exercise. This was a huge mistake. I should have known when my legs started twitching. Both class involved many, many lunges. Friday I was okay, but yesterday I could barely bend my knees. I was supposed to go for a long run yesterday in preparation for a race I’m running next weekend, but given that I couldn’t even walk correctly, the long run was out, and by the time I regained sufficient range of motion today it was like a thousand degrees outside. I decided the best way to get the long run done is to  make someone else run it for me. And that person is my favorite person to dump things on: Tomorrowmelissa. I delegate all unpleasant or disinteresting tasks to her.  I’m sure she’ll complain about me. She always does.

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