Tomorrow is my birthday

I am going to be 25!! And then also 5 more than that.

I am creating a lot of problems for Pete because I like Big Surprises but I also like to be In Control. Last night I attempted to get enough information about my birthday celebration to restore the appropriate balance between control and surprise. I was moderately successful, but he wasn’t crazy about all the meddling. So I changed the subject.

I told Pete how I have been thinking about my ancestors who came from Latvia, and how tough it was to come over on the boat and to have to change their names and wear those old-timey shoes and lose many aspects of their culture and traditions, and how one of their special Latvian traditions that they tried to preserve despite the pressures to assimilate was that in addition to celebrating birthdays on the exact day, 2 days before the birthday they would tell the birthday person what his/her present was going to be.

He was totally buying it right up until the end, but it didn’t work.

So then I tried, “I already know what my present is. Tell me what you think I think it is. Guess what my guess is. Tell me what it is.” And he said, “A puppy.” And I said, “I’m getting a PUPPY?!?!?!” And he said, “No, I think that’s what YOU think it is, but it’s not,” and I said, “But the last thing I said was ‘Tell me what it is,’ and you said, ‘a puppy,'” and he said, “Oh, no,” and I said, “I’M GETTING A PUPPY!”

Tomorrow is also the grand opening/grand closing day of the BOXCAR MUSEUM in room N406. One of my second graders wrote a poem about the Boxcar Children for the occasion. It begins, “When you’re the poorest, you live in the forest…”

We were making invitations to the museum, and another student started freaking out because someone had allegedly “ransacked” her pencil case and her scissors were missing. Usually kids will say “Someone took my [pencil, whatever]” before finding it somewhere else on their desk, but “ransacking” takes the theft paranoia to a whole new level.

I have a draft of another post about BEA, but I will have to put it aside until after my birthday/last day of school/manuscript deadline.

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