Some updates, in no particular order:

1. I (We) got a dog! Her name is Belby. She’s part beagle, part feist. I think I talk about her too much at school, because on a visit to the Nature Center the other day, the Nature Center lady asked my students for examples of mammals, and one of them said, “A Belby!”

Here is Belby as she waits to get dressed up for Halloween (she was a princess):

2. Keena Ford and the Second-Grade Mix-up won the transitional fiction category of the Blue Crab Young Reader A ward! Thank you VERY much, Maryland Library Association!

3. I received a wonderful letter in the mail from a young reader yesterday, which reminded me that I have yet to list an address on my Web site for any readers who are interested in writing to me. I love to hear from Keena‘s readers! The best “snail mail” address is probably my school:

Melissa Thomson

c/o William Ramsay ES

5700 Sanger Ave

Alexandria, VA 22311

Happy Friday!

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