Snow, Wolves, Smoke Monsters

Snow Week

Snow Week 2010 is almost over. I have watched about 60 episodes of LOST and taken about 100 pictures of the dog. I can’t account for much more of my time during my unexpected vacation. I don’t know where it all went.I have nothing to show for it other than a newfound fear of Smoke Monsters.


My friend Emily and I got to talking about sharks recently. Then she mentioned that when she was little, she was afraid of sharks in pools and whales in the bathtub. Makes sense to me: if a whale lands on you in the bathtub, I don’t think you have much of a chance.

I was a pretty fearful kid. I was afraid that E.T. would materialize in my downstairs bathroom. If that was the only place he was going to come for me, I don’t know why I didn’t just use another bathroom in my house. I guess then I would’ve had to explain myself to my parents, and despite my intense fear of E.T. I felt somewhat responsible for protecting him from adults.

I was also afraid of alien snatchers who would snatch me from my bed at night, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it because we just don’t know enough about alien technology.

I was afraid of being trapped inside a burning house and yet was paradoxically afraid of fire trucks.

I was TERRIFIED of thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Then when we actually had a hurricane I slept through it.

I was afraid of Teen Wolf. I hadn’t seen the actual movie, I had just seen a 30-second trailer. But it was long enough for me to understand that Michael J. Fox (whom I otherwise loved) was a TEEN who was also a WOLF, and that freaked me out. This leads me to suspect that I may have also been afraid of teenagers. Now that I’m older and wiser, I know there are things that are much scarier than Teen Wolf. But nothing is scarier than Teen Wolf Too.

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