ALA 2010

I kept introducing myself as a writer and teacher, but really, my badge for ALA 2010 should have read MELISSA THOMSON: FANGIRL. Let’s be honest. I was there on a mission to meet some of my most favorite authors. AND I DID!

First, on Saturday afternoon, I met Laurie Halse Anderson. !!!!!!! But I was too nervous to ask her for a photo. So here I am with the copy of TWISTED that she signed for me:

Today I put my metaphorical big-girl pants on and decided to ask for pictures. (Yes, Mom, I said please. And thank you.) SO here is a picture of the amaaaaazing Jackie Urbanovic!

Then I had my picture taken with Mitali Perkins, the always-thoughtful and thought-provoking writer/blogger/Twitter-book-party-founder extraordinaaaaire!

She signed books for me!

Then I got books signed by YA superstars Francisco X. Stork and Natalie Standiford!

(Thumbs up for reading, you guys)

(I’m talking on the phone. In Robot. I’m saying, I can’t wait for Natalie Standiford’s new book!)

I also met Kate Messner, but I don’t have a picture of her OR her books! This is a travesty that shall be rectified.

Then I met Eloise Greenfield and George Ford! George Ford has illustrated many, many wonderful children’s books, including THE STORY OF RUBY BRIDGES, one of my all-time favorites. It was such an honor to meet him. And you guys, there is a Brainpop Jr. video about Eloise Greenfield. That’s a very big deal in my world. Very few people have their OWN Brainpop videos!! It’s like, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ezra Jack Keats, and Eloise Greenfield. And a few others but not that many!!! This year my whole class memorized her poem “Things” for Poem in Your Pocket Day.

And then! Who should I meet but Deborah Heiligman! Her CHARLES AND EMMA won approximately 7.4 million awards this year. I can’t wait to share COOL DOG, SCHOOL DOG with the students at my school!

As you can tell, I am getting plenty of mileage out of my brand-new laptop’s built-in camera.

So there you have it. I am glad I was able to take photos of at least a few of the fabulous folks I encountered this weekend. And I’m glad no one took a picture of me eating my extra-saucy jerk chicken sandwich at a little table on the exhibit floor today. That was a horrific spectacle.

Happy Sunday!

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