First Dispatch from the Road

In the wee hours of the morn (10:20 AM) on July 6, Pete, Belby, and I lit out for Knoxville, TN, the first stop on our Summer Road Trip of Southerly Wonders. (I just made up that name for the trip because when I typed “first stop on our road trip” it looked kind of boring.)


We spent one night in Knoxville at Millie and JP’s. In addition to visiting with them, we also got to see our friends Kellye and BT and to FINALLY meet their baby girl. HOW CUTE IS SHE??

I don’t have any photos of Brian because he was the photographer. Sorry, BT!

After one night in Knoxville we drove onward to the second stop on the Summer Road Trip of Southerly Wonders:


In Huntsville we had the privilege of visiting more great friends who not only fed us, housed us, and allowed us to play with their funtastic 2.5 year old, they also ensured that we did not miss a single MINUTE of So You Think You Can Dance. WHEW. (There is exactly one photo of this second stop, and in the photo my eyes are 100% closed. So I will not be posting it.)

In tomorrow’s dispatch: A dog rolls in the dirt in BIRMINGHAM, AL.

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