So, Hunger Games fans, you’ve finished MOCKINGJAY and are wondering what to read next. I have the perfect solution. Why not read KEENA FORD AND THE SECRET JOURNAL MIX-UP?

“An early chapter book?” you scoff. “KEENA couldn’t be further from MOCKINGJAY.”

My friends, I beg to differ, in that SECRET JOURNAL MIX-UP and MOCKINGJAY both:

1. are the third book in a series. (See how alike they are already???)

2. feature a heroine who has one sibling and lives with her mother.

3. trap the heroine in a place where she is locked in a psychological battle with a wily enemy.

4. allow the heroine’s sibling to impart wisdom beyond his/her years that has a profound effect on the heroine’s worldview.

5. feature male characters who selflessly risk life, limb, and dignity in dangerous missions at the heroine’s behest.

(Five whole reasons! Now do you believe me?)

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